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Current Health Education Initiatives


Health Education

Lacking access to dependable medical care, many women suffer from avoidable health issues.  The Circle of Women is committed to improving health during all stages of a woman’s life - spanning infancy, adolescence, child birth, and the age of wisdom.

To identify needs and build a supportive network, we work with physicians, community representatives, schools, and other community groups to discuss how to integrate traditional practices with modern health care.

We have, for example, assisted with vision screenings and obtaining eye glasses for the women, encouraged PAP smears and cancer screenings.

    The life of women includes different stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood,  

    motherhood, and the wise years. Each stage has its physical, emotional and spiritual  

    changes: We grow and mature as not only as individuals but also as members of

    communities. The Circle of Women supports women during these stages, to

    strengthen them, their children; their families, and their communities.

     -To improve health conditions of the women of Miramar, by offering health education,    

      midwifery training, and promoting sexual and reproductive rights.

     - To teach communication skills to improve relationships with local medical providers

     and traditional healers.

     -To strengthen and promote the practice and the development of traditional medicine.



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