The Best Mobile Credit Card Readers

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In this digital world, everyone prefers to pay with plastic instead of cash. This growing trend has allowed mobile credit card reader technology a prevalent one. Being a store owner, you don’t want to lose customers. This is why you must respond to this growing trend and invest on an intuitive solution.

Fortunately, there is a variety of intuitive and affordable solutions out there. However, finding the best solution according to your needs could be a difficult task to do. For instance, if you are small business owner, you will seek out prices, along with their features and capabilities.

Before we explore the market to discover the best mobile credit card readers for small retailers, let’s learn what mobile credit card reader is and how it works.

What Is a Mobile Credit Card Reader?

A mobile credit card reader is a dongle which pairs with your phone or tablet and allows device to read and process payments. A mobile credit card reader works as a squad with point-of-sales software running on your phone or tablet. It gives merchants the ability to accept payments even without credit card terminal since it turns a web-enabled device into point of sales terminal.

List of best Mobile Credit Card Readers

Shopify POS

It suits best for ecommerce small business owners. Shopify POS provides a comprehensive solution to manage customers, analyze sales, inventory management and 24/7 customer support. Shopify comes with four pricing tiers, three of them allows access to Shopify online store. If you want more ecommerce functionality, you might want to choose more expensive plan.


Square is the one who invented the concept of mobile payments. It is the most feature-rich, affordable and largest mobile payment company in the world. Being compatible with major Ecommerce platforms, it allows secure transactions with features like PCI compliant, fraud protection, end-to-end encryption, and two-step verification.


GoPayment is a mobile credit card processing service designed by Intuit. It allows user to process credit card transactions from iOS or Android devices. This solution offers payroll, sales and inventory management via Quickbooks integration. Also, it doesn’t require setup fees.


It is the most affordable solution out there since it offers the lowest transaction rate among all mobile credit card readers. One of their plans comes with swipe payments only, whereas other one enables chip and contactless payments.


Since your business depends on how you are accepting payments everywhere, you need a reliable mobile credit card processing solution for your venture.