Things to Consider While Picking the Right Mobile Credit Card Reader

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Before you invest on a solution, you should understand what to look for in a mobile credit card reader. Here is what you should know:


To avail the services of mobile credit card reader, you are required to pay fee once for the hardware plus a per-transaction fee. Each time your business will pay fees for processing a transaction. These fees will vary depending on which payment processer is used and how you are taking payments. Swiping is a low cost option than keying in credit card details. Also, you need to watch out for monthly charges for using services of mobile card reader providers. If it’s too much, look for another option.

Pricing matters the most. Every business especially small business owners are the ones who feel the pinch of fees and additional cost the most. Hence, see your budget before investing on one such solution.


Next is to ponder over what features they are equipped with. Since all mobile credit card readers function with some type of mPOS, you need to choose them wisely. Not only your mobile point-of-sales software should be feature-rich, but also possess ability to automate customers, employees, and inventory management to save you from all hassle. Moreover, you should deem of what type of payments the solution can accept. Some of these providers can process even swiped payments for free. However, they are more likely to charge more for a card reader that accepts EMV chip and contactless payments.

Support is another imperative feature to count on. Look for a provider that can offer 24/7 support services via several means of communication.


While many mobile credit card readers show compatibility with iOS and Android devices, some tend to work with Windows and Blackberry devices only. This is why you should cast an eye over compatibility of mobile credit card readers. Other than that, you might want to figure out a mPOS that also supports ecommerce sales or integrate with accounting software like Quickbooks, in case you sell online. Additional Reading: Pos System


Always seek out a credit card reader that offers at least standard security. Solution must offer at least Level 1 compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) since it ensures all businesses to process and transfer credit card details via a secure environment.


Invest on a right mobile card reader that can address your specific business needs. Start making sales more efficiently.

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